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Alycat Meet
Alycat - Presentation Report
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Friday, 17 May 2013

Abbreviation used below:-
TQ =Top Qualifier (in class)
FTD=Fastest Time of Day (in class)
PBD=Personal Best of Day (for that driver)
PB =Personal Best (on this track for that driver)
TR =Track Record (for class)
TQ: Shane Hancock 12/7m27.863s
15th Bill Galka M 9/7m43.380s(PBD in Rnd 4 30
14th Glenn Boyd M 11/7m43.374s(PBD in Rnd 2 30
13th Glenn Hill M 22/20m33.154s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 23
12th Shayne Mathews M 10/7m23.136s(PBD in Rnd 4 23
11th Stuart Black N 27/20m19.901s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 20
10th David Sov M 29/19m47.477s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 19
9th Glen Rooney M 26/20m46.379s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 18
8th Mark Lawlor M 26/20m36.613s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 18
7th Phillip Neville M 28/20m41.907s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 14
6th Aiden Pallant N 28/20m22.630s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 12
5th Mark Norman M 30/20m24.441s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 12
4th Paul Jagt N 29/20m23.241s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 10
3rd Darren Neilson M 30/20m17.552s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 8
2nd Scott Foster M 31/20m2.539s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 5
1st Shane Hancock (TQ) N 12/7m27.863s(FTD in Rnd 6 32/20m32.710s(FTD in Final Leg: 2 2
Buggy A
TQ: Andrew Foord 12/7m26.185s
15th Jarrod Currie M 19/14m2.432s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 29
14th David Hincks M 22/20m28.069s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 28
13th Kym Goodridge N 24/20m3.617s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 23
12th Matt Samra M 24/20m4.131s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 23
11th Troy McGuire M 26/20m37.084s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 22
10th Jean-Pierre Malan M 25/20m6.698s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 19
9th Nathan Separovich M 27/20m23.076s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 18
8th Shane Hancock N 29/19m45.677s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 17
7th Michael Ellis M 27/20m1.831s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 13
6th Mathew Schneider N 28/20m11.807s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 13
5th Daren Cornwell 28/20m12.924s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 12
4th Jason Lawson N 29/20m23.606s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 10
3rd Mark Brown N 29/20m7.497s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 7
2nd Glen Breugem M 31/20m7.464s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 3
1st Andrew Foord (TQ) M 12/7m26.185s(FTD in Rnd 5 32/20m28.860s(FTD in Final Leg: 2 3
Buggy B
15th Shane Smith N 8/7m19.334s(PBD in Rnd 6 30
14th Joseph Flocco N 9/7m11.794s(PBD in Rnd 2 30
13th Jason Storr 10/11m41.202s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 23
12th Ryan Jagt N 21/20m0.212s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 19
11th Michael Overland N 25/20m42.547s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 19
10th Tas Papas M 25/19m32.391s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 19
9th Jackson Hill M 24/20m50.181s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 18
8th Adam Haynes M 26/20m44.158s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 17
7th William Newbery 22/20m31.211s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 16
6th Tony Bevan 23/20m5.019s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 16
5th Keith Newbery N 25/20m0.001s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 14
4th Craig Cornwell M 25/20m33.134s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 11
3rd Jack Boyd M 26/20m18.387s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 6
2nd Damien Seidel M 27/20m32.758s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 4
1st Ian Smedman M 28/20m25.884s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 2